My new outfits have arrived!

This month, I decided to order a new secretary outfit, schoolgirl uniform and nurse uniform. The other ones I had were a bit worn, I somehow lost part of the schoolgirl uniform when moving from Manchester to Glasgow, and I decided it was time for new ones. I really like all of them, especially the schoolgirl uniform, I feel very sexy in them. I hope to wear them for some of you lovely gentlemen soon.

I also just wanted to say thank you to all of you amazing Scottish gentlemen. I’ve had the best few days in Glasgow, and you Scottish men certainly know how to make a woman feel beautiful, sexy and admired. I’m already excitedly anticipating returning at the end of March and having some more amazing fun with you horny men. As much as I love Glasgow, I'm back on tour today. I can’t wait to return to some towns and cities where I’ve toured before, in addition to touring a few new places this month. I'm sure I'll see some of you lovely gentlemen very soon indeed. Have a great day everyone.