Treat yourself this Valentine's day...

Let's be honest, you probably aren't getting any at home. Or if you are it's sub-par, monotonous, unfulfilling. That's where I come in. To give you a genuinely fulfilling, mind-blowing sexual encounter. I love sex, always have, always will. There shouldn't be anything boring or monotonous about it whatsoever. You should totally treat yourself this Valentine's day or month to a really great fuck. Because life is too short to not be having fantastic sex.

I've already made someone's Valentine's day today. He needed punishing after being a very naughty man. 'This is the best sexual encounter I've ever had', he said to me during the encounter. It always fill my heart with joy to hear those words uttered. I do aim to please, and I think I do just that. I'll be back on tour tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing some of you horny gentlemen very soon. Have a great Valentine's day everyone (and I hope you all have the great sex that you deserve). Jess. X